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Valeo Well-Being Market Launch

Exciting News!

Valeo Well-Being has taken its first public steps into the marketplace, opening its doors to accept new clients seeking therapy, personal growth, and empowerment. Over time, Valeo Well-Being will grow into an interdisciplinary organization that brings together different health disciplines and specializations to provide a comprehensive approach to addressing client needs. They are community-minded, engage in advocacy work to drive system change, and adopt a singular focus on promoting individual well-being.

Dr. Alana Ireland is the Founder. She is an Associate Professor in a post-secondary Institution and develops progressing, leading national and international research related to weight-related issues such as obesity, eating disorders, weight-bias, and body image.

Why we Love Valeo Well-Being

The timing for introducing strong leadership that can provide rigorous supports for the different dimensions of mental health couldn’t be better! We love their focus on the ‘whole individual’ and we love the founding principles around applied research and academic rigor to ensure the best and most progressive care. We have the benefit of knowing the details from their longer-term organizational development plan and are excited for the promise of great positive impact Valeo Well-Being will have in the communities they serve.

Two Calls for Action

  1. Valeo Well-Being is growing (quickly!) and already needs to recruit the right Registered Psychologists or Social Workers who might be keen to help grow and shape this principled, progressive organization.
  2. Valeo Well-Being is accepting clients and referrals. If you or someone you know has need, please reach out to them to schedule a consultation.

You can visit their new website at

Blue Monarch Management was proud to advise Dr. Ireland in the creation and early stage-development of Valeo Well-Being, from starting concept, through early revenue generation,  to market launch.

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