In science as in life, it is well known that a chain of events can have a point of crisis that could magnify small changes. But chaos meant that such points were everywhere….Tiny differences in input could quickly become overwhelming differences in output – a phenomenon given the name…The Butterfly Effect – the notion that a butterfly stirring the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York.
(Chaos – Making a New Science, 1987)
The Blue Monarch Management brand and company are inspired by the formative work of Edward Lorenz, who developed early models about the Butterfly Effect. Lorenz’s disciplined approach and intuition as a scientist and mathematician enabled him to find new insights where prevailing theories and inertia opposed him.

We specialize in Management Consulting – which, to us, means leveraged change and transformation for our clients, our partners, and ourselves.
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We are management consultants who love working on new an interesting challenges that require more than simply applying basic techniques. Through careful analysis, constant learning and a bit of ingenuity, we aim to help you build your vision for a better sustainable corporation and community.
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