“Transformation is not accomplished by tentative wading at the edge.”

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Robin Wall Kimmerer

“Transformation is not accomplished by tentative wading at the edge.”

We guide organizations to be better versions of themselves – to compete sustainably, in ever-changing world markets.

Unlock a new inspirational future for your business through creativity, good planning, and visualization.

We help your business to move through your own catalyzing moments – improve your strategic positioning and expand your capabilities.

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Help us to Understand your needs

We know the challenges you face are unique to your company. We take the time to thoroughly understand your culture, company, environment, and interconnections. We are inquisitive, which helps us ensure that we deeply understand what is needed to help you succeed. You will get customized solutions, rooted in strong practices, that are right for your organization.

Brand Promise
Confidently achieve lasting business results. You get our best every time.
Exceptional Value

Tangible returns on your investments while growing your leadership strength, capacity, and knowledge.

Built for Innovation & Faster Results

A unique combination of expert consultants and highly skilled data advisors collaborate to deliver tailored solutions with the backing of powerful information.

Unique Team

Working with Blue Monarch you unlock top-notch expertise that allows you to tackle business challenges with innovative and advanced solutions.

Demonstrated Experience

Demonstrated leadership, management, and resource allocation to drive end-to- end transformative change.

Our Services

Starting with your desired outcomes and working back to plan your transformative change program will drive the best results. We create the “outcomes pathway” that goes beyond a road map, showing each smaller outcome and how it relates to other smaller outcomes that need to happen to reach your goals.

Paradigm shifting changes to management systems, people, processes, and technology across an enterprise or business unit in response to a business need or market opportunity.

Introduction of data, information technologies and operating technologies that drive new capabilities in how and why work is delivered across your enterprise.

Introduction of strong practices in governance and transformation oversight to drive sustainable, controlled change that connect your business with the world around you.

How We Navigate Change

Blue Monarch Management Can Guide You Through Different Kinds of Complex Change

There are three kinds of business transformations you may be facing.


A planned, high-clarity transformation drives predictable outcomes & the pathways to developing decisions plans,


For this kind of transformation, you might know where you are trying to get to but may be facing significant uncertainty


When your company experiences a crisis, you may need to respond to your company’s needs and adapt to a new

Our Process

How to Engage with Us

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Our Intake Process

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Our Engagement Process

Roles of a Blue Monarch Management Consultant

As a Strategic Advisor
Conduct Independent Assessments
Embedded Management
Plan and Implement Projects

Guiding Principles for Our Engagements

Critical Inquiry
Theory of Change
Entrepreneurial Practices
Systems Thinking
Who Do
We Help?
A Company Lifecycle and Change Continuum

In our framework, there are seven (7) different states describing a company’s size and maturity. Your change, adaptation, and transformation decisions and activities will need to be tailored to the current state

Outcomes and Benefits

You are investing in your organization. We help you to keep your vision in focus throughout your transformative work.

About CMC-Canada

Blue Monarch Management and our professional staff follow the standards and Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada)

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