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Blue Monarch’s New Calgary Office

We are proud to have opened our first physical office space in the West end of downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The new space was designed fit-for-purpose for the various working needs of busy consultants.  The original business case for opening our first office included a key requirement that the space would need to create meaningful, tangible value with our consulting staff, clients, business partners, and community. The plan was iced for the duration of Covid, until it became clear that our first major program would require regular in-person and extensive remote connections and that we now had a path to generating high, sustainable value. We are grateful to the program for powering our early development. 

During the pandemic, we studied how global businesses pivoted quickly towards implementing a work-from-home directive, isolating people to keep them safe in the face of mounting uncertainty. We experienced the maturation of new technologies to enable remote work while driving up worker productivity. We also studied the labour phenomenon known as “The Great Resignation” and are now seeing the heads of many companies pull their staff back into the office. The result? A significant reorganization of total available commercial space, shuffling of talented people across companies and career paths, and a reimagining of what work needs to be done and why and how to truly get at ‘innovation’

A few years ago, we were fortunate to meet Kathryn Roche, the Founder of a progressive company called Hive Workplace Consulting ( and shared many discussions about the evolution of company spatial needs and how space and good design could strongly influence creativity and innovation. Kathryn’s rigorous methodologies included extensive research, data and design work, organizational change, and test pilots. We learned much from those interactions – which were instructional for how we operate today. 

We have designed collaborative kitchen space to innovate while eating. We have board rooms and meeting rooms for confidential or creative discussion, wired for remote and hybrid work. There are quiet offices for head down work and closed meetings. And there is a wide-open collaborative space for creative work, pitch practice, whiteboarding, and social gatherings. With an eye to ‘location, location, location’, we can access most of downtown Calgary through the plus-15 network and the office is a couple of blocks from the C-train line for easy access. The building is tall and narrow, affording a view of the mountains, river, and lots of light!

Powered by a corporate policy of ‘be where you are needed, when you are needed’, referencing the need to make and honor careful commitments with work, family, and community, we have created the right environment from which to grow meaningfully into Calgary and springboard into other communities over time. 

Several service providers came together to develop the beautiful space for us, including NAI Advent, Colliers International, Mak Interior Design, Royal Construction, McCrum’s Office Furnishings, Insight Automation International, and Pure IT.

Why not drop by for a visit? With our trained Management Consultants, let us facilitate your Board meetings, training sessions, and team building sessions for you while creating a great (and innovative) off-site experience.


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