What We Do

Blue Monarch Management Can Guide You Through Different Kinds of Complex Change

What We Do

Blue Monarch Management Can Guide You Through Different Kinds of Complex Change

There are three kinds of business transformations you may be facing.


Planned High-Clarity Transformation

A planned, high-clarity transformation drives predictable outcomes and the pathways to developing decisions and plans, deploying resources, and implementing the changes are routine and straight forward. Our approach builds end-to-end line of sight to the primary milestones, deliverables, benefits, and resources required for the transformation. We spend a lot of time early in the project to build structure around the scope, stage- gates, and the work plan.

Planned, High-Ambiguity Transformation

A planned, high-ambiguity transformation is increasingly more common with our clients. For this kind of transformation, you might know where you are trying to get to but may be facing significant uncertainty in the path to get there. Mirroring an Agile project management methodology, we approach this kind of transformation with more rapid iterations of design > develop > deploy > learn, where development and learning from one stage of the work can open up new options and pathways for you. Our approach acknowledges and embraces higher ambiguity by making sure the work moves forward in lockstep with your best knowledge.


Unplanned, Adaptive Change

When your company experiences a crisis, you may need to respond to your company’s needs and adapt to a new set of operating conditions. An important aspect of all change is that you need a catalyst to stimulate it. Change resulting from a crisis may be good for the company, as it stimulates a reorganization of structures, systems, and resources and can often create new and better futures for your company. Blue Monarch Management draws on learnings from Holling, Gunderson, and Ludwig (2002) with their Adaptive Cycle. Originally based on an ecology framework, to advise companies in how to adapt and accelerate unlocking a better future.

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