Welcome Jorge


Blue Monarch Management is pleased to welcome Jorge Gonzalez to our team!

July 16, 2020
Jorge, a resident of Toronto, will help our firm take its first steps in Eastern Canada. Jorge is a Management Consultant with broad experience in the government sector, economic development and international trade. He has worked extensively in advisory roles related to entrepreneurship, business planning and expansion, scaling and growth, and internationalization. He has held Canadian positions with the Colombian Consulate in Toronto, Business Link, an Economic Development not-for-profit that supports entrepreneurship in Alberta, TEC Edmonton, the technology business incubators of the City of Edmonton and the Universite of Alberta, and with ATB’s Financial entrepreneur Centre.
Originally from Colombia, Jorge has a strong international background that includes work and education in Latin America, United States, Europe and Canada, which has shaped his empathy for and understanding of different cultures, business standards, and relationships.

Passionate for traveling, reading, entrepreneurship and cultural aspects, Jorge naturally builds networds and new businesses and is a Leader who can bring together people from different backgrounds and cultures to work towards common goals.

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Blue Monarch Management is pleased to welcome Jorge Gonzalez to our team! Jorge, a resident of Toronto, will help our......

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