Supply Chain and Logistics Solutions in the Kootenays

“Blue Monarch has helped LCIC gain a stronger voice in the business community, to be a more effective support for the business community.” Rebecca Richards, Director, Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation

In the fall of 2021, Blue Monarch began its work with the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC) to develop regional supply chain strategies for companies located in BC’s West Kootenay area. In partnership with LCIC we have continued to work with local businesses to make gains on supply chain resiliency and business development initiatives.

As our relationship with LCIC has deepened we’ve helped its director, Rebecca Richards, narrow the focus of the engagement to better identify meaningful and tangible outcomes, one of the most impactful being the Loadboard Project. As Ms Richards noted, “Blue Monarch has been essential in helping me walk through the early stages of Loadboard to get it to pilot launch.”

What is the Loadboard Project? The shipping needs of the region’s small businesses community is not being adequately met. Local companies struggle to get efficient transportation services because, in part, each shipper operates independently. The Loadboard Project will coordinate small loads and pool local shippers’ outbound needs. By doing so, the profile of Kootenay firms will be raised and local shippers can get better access to carriers, creating efficiencies and reducing costs. The project will also result in a strengthened network of collaboration among local businesses, a central focus for LCIC.

Building on LCIC’s own internal research and Blue Monarch’s work with local businesses, we are codifying the combined learnings from the initiative to produce a playbook for future logistics and local collaboration initiatives in the region. As Ms Richards suggested, “This will establish LCIC as a leading voice in the economic development space when responding to supply chain problems.”

Our work continues through this year, led by our CEO, Jeff Peterson, and our Director Consulting Operations, Erin Melnychuk.

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