Our Strategy

Our Strategy

In science as in life, it is well known that a chain of events can have a point of crisis that could magnify small changes. But chaos meant that such points were everywhere….Tiny differences in input could quickly become overwhelming differences in output – a phenomenon given the name…The Butterfly Effect – the notion that a butterfly stirring the air today in Peking can transform storm systems next month in New York.
(Chaos – Making a New Science, 1987)
We blend entrepreneurial best practices with excellence in management consulting to create powerful change. We have taken our first steps towards becoming a national firm in Canada and are already exploring globalization. We believe that working with different forms of change in diverse clients, industries, and cultures strengthens our ability to adapt and influence change.
We guide organizations to be better versions of themselves - to compete in the World's markets. We visualize inspirational futures through strategy and investment, shape organizational structures and systems to evolve, and we guide sustainable change.
Blue Monarch Management is a Canadian, privately-owned Management Consulting firm founded in 2018. The Blue Monarch Management brand and company are inspired by the formative work of Edward Lorenz, who developed early models about the Butterfly Effect. His disciplined approach and intuition as a scientist and mathematician enabled him to find new insights where prevailing theories and inertia opposed him.

We specialize in Management Consulting – which, to us, means leveraged change and transformation for our clients, our partners, and ourselves.

Mastering change means that we employ an inquiry-focused approach to get to know our clients on a very deep and real level so that we might help great ideas find purpose, direction, and support.

At every touch point, our consultants and business development staff reflect on the experience we want our prospects, clients, partners, and team members to have.

Blue Monarch Management consultants speak ‘digital’ and excel in building proficiency with the information, systems, and operating technologies in our clients’ industries.

Our Management Consultants purposefully avoid ‘being all things to all people’. We often work in teams and engage in carefully developed, strategic two-way partnerships to bring top talent and expertise into engagements for superior results. We believe that we are more valuable to our clients and partners through empowerment and support.

Our service is holistic and embeds knowledge transfer practices, skill development and coaching to ensure sustainability of our solutions. Blue Monarch Management continuously moves, reinvents and leads – ideal qualities for growing, thoughtful, competitive and innovative clients.

We lead with our five core values: curious minds, we play as a team, we practice adaptive leadership, we live with integrity and we are skilled.

We provide inspiration, clarity and momentum to help our clients do great things. We commit to advising through critical inquiry, rapid and iterative development of ideas and options, and we advise with evidence and experience. We commit to high-quality work that improves a client's positioning. And we commit to protecting and empowering our clients.


We engage in two-way strategic partnerships with meticulous investment in relationships and trust-building. When we form a partnership, we commit to treating our partners like they are part of our team and therefore strive to development them, empower them, and position them for success.


We are careful about who we recruit to our team. We place high value on diversity of culture, ethnicity, gender, age, skills and experience, knowing that diverse teams drive the best performance. We commit to fostering an open, honest, trusting environment so that our team members can focus on innovation and value-creation. We commit to building a sharing culture and not a hoarding culture. We compete hard in the marketplace - but not with each other.


Actively engaging in our communities is not only important, but is mission-critical for Blue Monarch Management. We participate in volunteer work, lead on Boards, and speak at events. We commit to learning about our communities and to applying our experience and energy to help them thrive. We are natural connectors, and therefore work hard to make introductions and build strong networks for the benefit of the community.


Blue Monarch Management and our professional staff follow the standards and Professional Code of Conduct prescribed by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada). We commit to having 100% of our advisors holding CMC memberships and either having or working towards completing their CMC designation.
CMC Code of Professional Conduct
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Do you have an upcoming change? We'd love to work with you.