Our Partners
Our Partners

Change can be a broad subject and our clients and communities demand our expertise and specialization. We are careful to avoid 'going a mile wide and an inch deep' through many strategies and tactics. We continuously develop our powerful knowledge-sharing culture to learn and adapt from experience and training. We actively work on our high-performance team practices that bring the best talent we have into each client experience. And we carefully invest in Strategic Partnerships.

We love our Partners and we work hard to not take them for granted.

Blue Monarch Management and our Partners place high importance on having a mindset of abundance, not scarcity. The world is simply too large to worry about win-lose games. Our Partners may operate within our supply chain or may complement or even overlap with our work. We learn from them. We teach them. We tirelessly work to position them for success. And we expect the same commitment. Our Partnerships do not materialize overnight and almost never by being opportunistic. We develop relationships and nurture them through acts of trust and inquiry. We celebrate our Partners' many successes and we attempt to live their values as well as our own.

If your organization is interested in getting to know us, why not reach out and start a conversation?

BreakPoint Solutions

BreakPoint Solutions shares our strategic focus on change. We have known the Founding Partner, Greg Hadubiak, for many years and appreciate the values, integrity, and ambition he has brought to this growing and impactful organization. BreakPoint Solutions is an Edmonton-based leadership development organization that specializes in executive coaching and leadership development. They understand, as we do, that organizations seeking to adapt or transform often need to go beyond willpower, capacity, and inspiration – they need structure, process and accountability partners. Their coaching philosophy, which is deeply embedded in their culture and battled-tested over many years of exceptional executive leadership experience, is simply empowering. In addition to shared values and common focus on change, we partner with BreakPoint Solutions because their coaching and our advisory work often go hand-in-hand when helping a client company to evolve. Like Blue Monarch Management, BreakPoint Solutions has strong, proven methodologies, and like us, always start from a process of critical inquiry so that they can tailor their approach and solutions to each unique need of each client.

Vertefeuille Rempel

The Partners and team at Vertefeuille Rempel have helped to shape Blue Monarch Management since before our company was launched. They have been our Chartered Professional Accountants since the beginning, and even earlier working with our parent company for years. We love them because, in the colourful words of another trusted friend who made the original referral, "they just make things so [COLOURFUL WORDS] easy!" Vertefeuille Rempel knows tax strategy and they powerfully and seamlessly find ways to help us save and optimize our corporate structure (this is the “creative thinking. Impressive results.” part of their tagline in real life action). Over the years, they have configured a tailored bookkeeping service for us, which has allowed us to optimize our financial transactions and record keeping operations. They value a pristine chart of accounts, technology with high control and automation, and operate with effective checks and balances. Vertefeuille Rempel values financial transparency and they tirelessly work to stay on top of emergent changes in tax and the regulatory environment. But most of all, they value the long-term client relationship. They get to know you and then figure out how to best help you specifically. If you have ever read 'The Experience Economy', they ALWAYS have things done before we ask and deliver a truly exceptional experience for us.

Arch Cre8ive Corp.

To truly unlock the promise in our brand, we needed a trusted partner with a designer's eye, that would walk alongside us as we grew. Arch Cre8ive has been with Blue Monarch Management since before we launched our company, helping us to develop colour, light, and imagination. They are the inspiration behind our exceptional colour palette and sophisticated logo that convey magic and grace with a hint of edginess. The Principal, Jessica Archambault, specializes in using photography and graphic design to shape stories that are beautiful and inspirational. Arch Cre8ive is tireless in the community and has helped many organizations and leaders expand their reach and potential. As Blue Monarch Management continues to evolve in its change work, we are working with Arch Cre8ive to explore other forms of media to help our clients and communities.

Rainmaker Global Business Development

Rainmaker Global Business Development is a global market advisory firm who specializes in business development and economic development. We have known them for years and have built a relationship on trust and respect. Often organizations that are trying to make changes - those who might engage us for help and guidance - also want to adapt and evolve their market positioning. Rainmaker has Global Partners in key locations around the world. They deeply understand trade and foreign direct investment, have crafted countless new market entry strategies, and can navigate government relations like no other! We have partnered with Rainmaker in two ways. We offer natural synergies and extensions to each other's work and together, can provide a more complete offering. We are also partnering with their CEO and Founder, Clark Grue, to develop an innovative technology platform which will accelerate your business in international markets as early as 2021!

We engage with Partners who share our values, and Rainmaker Global Business Development truly exemplifies a focus on others. They are generous with their time and expertise and we always feel like they put our needs first. And we come away from every interaction feeling just a little bit smarter.

M Consulting Group

In many ways, M Consulting Group overlaps what has traditionally been Blue Monarch Management's service offering. And we love this! They are a talented, Edmonton-based Management Consulting firm who actually offered Blue Monarch Management its first Edmonton-based contract in solar energy. Dave Muddle, Managing Partner at M Consulting Group, worked with Jeff Peterson at another firm and they've spent years developing a relationship built on trust and late night proposal writing. We have discovered many natural synergies with M Consulting Group, including their deep experience in all three levels of government, stakeholder engagement, and organizational development. Working with M Consulting Group, we can extend our reach and take on more complex engagements. Dave and Jeff also sit on the CMC Alberta Board of Directors and meet regularly. Dave is also an exceptional entrepreneur, an experienced and inspirational leader, and is tireless in his business development work. The quality of the M Consulting Group's advisory work is exceptional and we are proud to engage with them any chance we get!

Kinsmen Club of Calgary

It is of paramount importance that we give of our time, talent, and treasure to our local communities. Blue Monarch Management is proud to support the Kinsmen Club of Calgary in its mission to 'Serving the Community's Greatest Need.' Jeff is a member of the Kinsmen Club of Calgary and sits on the Board of the Kinsmen Club of Calgary Foundation. The Club was founded on service and fellowship in 1924. It is a household name in Calgary and its members are often seen engaging in 'work parties' in the community to help Calgarians who need support. The Club raises funds through a variety of mechanisms and sponsors not-for-profit organizations who are looking to build their capacity through carefully planned, innovative projects. We can attest that the process for responsible fund allocation is rigorous and thoughtful. In an era when there is so much focus on self, the men (and women…because there are also Kinettes and Kin) have adopted a focus on others and have developed tremendous bonds with each other, their partner organizations, and the surrounding community. Through the Foundation, the Kinsmen provide support and tax receipts to the annual Adopt-A-Family program around Christmas time and are embarking on providing Kinsmen Volunteer Scholarships to various High Schools in Calgary.
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Do you have an upcoming change? We'd love to work with you.
Start a conversation...
Do you have an upcoming change? We'd love to work with you.