In an analysis if the global 2008 financial crisis, early winning companies employed three strategies to drive performance:
  1. Focus on value
  2. Exploit the opportunity
  3. Act quickly
- IBM, 2010*

Organizational Development and Effectiveness

The pursuit for sustainable performance and profitability has never been more relevant than it is today!

At Blue Monarch Management, we assess small, medium, and large enterprises to identify ways to improve profitability and performance and then develop targeted initiatives to unlock a client’s potential value. We explore organizational cause and effect relationships across performance, leadership and governance, resourcing, business processes, technologies, and projects. We develop recommendations and provide ongoing support to help our clients drive improvements into their operation. We encourage our clients to understand the value of effective process design as it relates to their operations and strategies.

Efficiently-designed and automated processes can reduce costs and provide competitive advantages, often using technologies and automation. Business process optimization assesses how key processes fit together as a system and then relentlessly attacks bottlenecks and areas of high risk to improve flow. We facilitate the design, automation and implementation of processes that drive improvements to performance and quality, leveraging technology whenever possible.

We can help you build your organizational capacity for performance

Let us help you improve your performance and profitability!

Blue Monarch Management Service Principles

Time is a perishable asset and our approach to building organizational effectiveness must always be an urgent undertaking.
  • Pareto-focus or an applied 80/20 rule to do the right things first
  • Capacity and constrained asset focus
  • Evidence-based case for change
  • Speed of delivery
  • Automation and continual improvement focus embedded in the culture

Some Key Potential Benefits

  • Cost savings and/or capital cost avoidance
  • Accelerated decisions and execution
  • Improved operating and financial performance
  • Empowerment through understanding
*Berman, S. et al. “Rethinking the Enterprise: Insights from the world’s leading CEOs”. 2010. IBM Corporation.