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Why Us

In a word – Opportunity! Blue Monarch is on a fast-track to growth. New client engagements have launched our journey across Canada and, soon enough, into the world beyond. As a member of our team you will have the opportunity to utilize and enhance your professional skills and experience through meaningful and interesting client assignments. You will help organizations successfully navigate their most impactful moments of pivotal change. You will bring value and you will make a difference.

Our Promise

Your career will be challenging. You will confront complex and interesting problems. You will engage with clients in urgent need of meaningful solutions. You will apply all of your skill, experience and business acumen to chat new paths and optimal outcomes for our clients.

Your career will have direction. In the competitive and changing world of business advisory services, you will find support through our coaching and mentorship. And as you develop and hone your own skills and experiences, you will find opportunity to support and mentor others.

Your work will have an impact. Blue Monarch engages with clients in those moments of their most pivotal change, uncertainty and opportunity. You will have the opportunity to make a difference that extends beyond organizational outcomes into the wider community and world.

Your voice & experience will be valued. Blue Monarch operates with an abundance mindset. We value team and collegiality, we celebrate diversity and understanding, we share in group and individual success. You will join us knowing that your voice is a welcome asset to the team.

You will create new opportunities. Blue Monarch is positioned for possibility. We are alert to the potential for new business, new experiences & new locales and we’re prepared to make the investments necessary to realize them. Your curiosity for the world will help fuel that potential.

You will find integrity & transparency. The working environment at Blue Monarch is one of trust and openness with all staff, contractors, partners and clients. It is a safe, healthy, fun and productive workplace where we celebrate every team member’s contributions and successes.

Why You

You may be a fit for Blue Monarch if your skills and experience are just part of the story. You bring an intellectual curiosity to client work, a desire to “dig in”, and an ability to connect the dots that makes clear what is hidden. This suggests you comprehend – better yet, are intrigued by – the interdependencies of business, technology, society, politics and the wider world. You communicate your ideas with clarity and conviction, and you understand that leadership is less about title than impact.

Current Postings

There’s always room for great talent!

You may not see a match but you could still be a fantastic fit.
If you like what you’ve seen so far, reach out to learn more.
If you have a progressive and inquisitive mind, tell us what fascinates you.
If you delight in delighting your clients and partners, we’d love to meet you.