Effective governance ensures accountability, fairness and transparency in the organization’s relationships with its various stakeholders, e.g., shareholders, lenders, customers, suppliers, employees, governments, regulators and the communities in which it operates.

- Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission*


Blue Monarch Management designs better governance practices.

We are trained to clinically diagnose the strong and weak points in how organizations make decisions and execute plans. We value contemporary research in empowerment and distributed leadership. We build clarity around accountabilities and authorities within an organization. Our governance documents, such as: policies, procedures, standard operating procedures, charters, by-laws, and directives are clear, simple, and integrated.

Simple decisions should be quick and empowered, driving predictable results. Complex decisions need some additional supports and rigorous methods.

Great governance will accelerate your performance

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Blue Monarch Management Service Principles

We fit governance structures and practices to an organization’s desired culture, which is not always what they have today. We help our clients to increase their empowerment through role clarity, work flow, and available decision supports. We encourage strong, balanced, and when appropriate, rapid decisions followed by aligned execution and continual improvement.
  • Fit for purpose
  • Performance-focused governance as a means for organizational transformation (Viewpoint group 2016)
  • Simple, efficient and effective

Some Key Potential Benefits

  • Increased accountability and empowerment
  • Improved delivery measured against a prescribed outcome
  • Efficient allocation of an organization’s resources
COSO. “Improving Organizational Performance and Governance: How the COSO Frameworks Can Help.” February 2014.