Change Management and ROI

Change Management and ROI
May 17, 2019
Author: Jeff Peterson
To Drive ROI, Focus Your Change Resources on Activities That Matter
To many companies, hiring talented people to manage change on complex projects is difficult to justify. We know when change is successful and when it has failed, and both scenarios often have many contributing factors. Project sponsors are wary because business cases usually assume that project changes will be successful; therefore, hiring someone to manage a change simply adds cost for often nebulous results. And no wonder! With a simple, but well-researched framework for the ABCs of change, antecedents are the activities, structures and practices that happen before a behaviour to either strengthen a desired behaviour or to change it. Positive or negative consequences are results from a behaviour and it’s been established that the consequences have a much stronger impact on shaping the desired behaviour than antecedents. Consider how often a hired Change Manager focuses on documenting a current state process, writing a procedure, or building a training program – all antecedents. Consider how little time is usually spent developing reward systems, coaching managers to deliver effective feedback, and implementing powerful, but simple systems to measure performance – all consequences. Encouraging a change resource to focus more on the consequences of a behaviour might help you to improve the power of your change management work. In our experience, this practice is proven to be most effective when pointed towards the highest risks or greatest potential benefits streams on a project, for example, with business continuity.

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Change Management and ROI

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