Effective change management results in higher likelihood of change adoption and benefits realization.

-Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP, 2014)*

Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement

The one constant across all our consulting projects is that our clients pursue change. Three of the best reasons for introducing a strong change management program into a complex project are to:
  1. Improve the probability of delivering the promised benefits from the project
  2. Reduce the probability or lessen the impact from a potential threat
  3. Ensure that changes are sustained!
Management Consultants at Blue Monarch Management develop change strategies to align with the highest risks and the greatest benefits using insights from methodical analysis.

We are voracious readers of contemporary research in change and practice with a blend of change management methodologies, tools and philosophies as the case and culture dictate for focused to enterprise-wide projects. We also apply the practices developed and certified through PROSCI, including the ADKAR change model.

There is strong research that shows consequences (feedback, rewards, punishments) have a much stronger impact on behaviours than antecedents (process, training, etc.) and while organizations often spend a disproportionate amount of precious resources focusing on developing perfect antecedents, they commonly fail to address tailored performance systems.

We want to help you empower your stakeholders to deliver lasting change

Let us help you develop your change management requirements

Blue Monarch Management Service Principles

Effective change management requires extensive preparation and disciplined follow-through. We build support through clear and timely communication. We empower our stakeholders with strong governance and training and we encourage our client Leaders to lead!

The key principle that makes our change management practice powerful is a relentless focus on time – we hunt for quick wins and drive productivity gains as quickly as possible.
  • Change planning is supported by thorough analysis
  • Strategies and tactics are tailored to individual stakeholder needs
  • Over-communication and active engagement of clients and their leaders
  • Hunt for quick wins!

Some Key Potential Benefits

  • Improved probability of realizing the promised benefits from an initiative or change
  • Improved management of key risks
  • Sustained changes
*Association of Change Management Professionals. “Standard for Change Management”. ACMP. 2014